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Submission is now open for our new issue centered around the theme: FAR FROM HOME


Here’s what we mean by “FAR FROM HOME”:

As comfort-seeking creatures, we are always on a journey of defining the concept of "home". Sometimes, it may be clear where your "home" is. It may be the place that you've lived your entire life. It may be your family members. It may be a community that you undoubtedly belong to. But as we grow, the concept of "home" becomes more and more undefined. We move from place to place, navigate between different social groups, and sometimes find ourselves lost in the middle of it all. For this issue, we want to explore the variety of ways that we define "home" for ourselves, and the relationships we have with these places, groups, and identities.

Here are some questions that we encourage you to consider:

  • What does home mean to you? Is it a physical place, a community you belong to, or something else?
  • Along the lines of mental health, what kind of effect does home have on our mental well-being?
  • How do you seek comfort in home?
  • How have you found a sense of home and belonging in a new or unfamiliar environment? How would you advise others to find their own community in a new setting?
  • How has being away from home impacted your emotional well-being and mental health?
  • How do you build a home within yourself?


Frequently Asked Questions!

I’m interested in contributing. How do I get started?

Reach out to us! Pitch us an idea that you have, or send us something you wish to submit! Email us (, or DM us on Instagram (@mindlymag). Our inbox is always open ☺

What kind of written pieces are you looking for?
We welcome all kinds of writing – personal stories, informative articles, rants, praises, poetry, advices, listicles, playlists, etc.

What kind of visual pieces are you looking for?
We look for a wide range of visual submissions – Illustrations, comics, graphic design, short films, photography series, collages, etc.

How long does my piece have to be?
There is no minimum word count for written submissions. The length of a submission varies from piece to piece, depending on the topic and text type. What we value most is the content and quality.

Can I pitch for/submit more than one piece?
Yes, of course! The more the merrier!

Can I submit past works?
Yes. If any of your past works fit under a particular month’s theme, are generally related to the topic of mental health and wellbeing, and are not exclusive to any other publication, you are welcome to submit them!

Are there themes for each issue?
Yes. Each issue of Mindly will have a theme as a guideline for brainstorming and submissions. The Mindly team will announce the new theme when we open submission for the next issue.

How focused on the theme do I have to be?
The themes serve the purpose of guiding your creative process and ensuring some level of variety in the content we publish. However, if you wish to create something surrounding an idea that you are really passionate about (that doesn’t necessarily fit under the theme), PITCH THE IDEA! We love seeing what you come up with.

Do you pay contributors?
No, we do not. Getting Mindly started has been the hard work of a few passionate teenagers, and is founded as a non-profit, volunteer-run publication. Mindly solely relies on goodwill and submissions by interest. Volunteering contributors like you help make Mindly what it is!

Is there a deadline for my submission?
We respect the busy schedules of each and every one of our contributors. Deadlines are usually flexible, self-determined, and open to discuss with our team.