Why I Love Coloring Books

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When people think of colouring books, some may immediately think of little children scribbling away in their colouring books. But did you know that there are colouring books specifically made for adults? Yes, believe it or not, these colouring books can actually help scribble away the stress. Let me tell you my own story of how I got into colouring and whether or not it works for me.

I’m an anxious person, therefore I often fidget. I fidget with almost anything that is on my hands or arm, from my ring, a stress ball, to my watch. I found out about colouring books when I was in the United States one summer and saw a whole bunch of colouring books at Barnes and Nobles. I picked one up, remembering how much I used to love colouring books when I was a child, and bought it.

The first time I used my colouring book was in 9th grade, during my musical rehearsals. As I a cast member of the ensemble, I wasn’t needed very much on stage, and therefore had lots of time backstage. Other than the fact that I was backstage for most of the time during rehearsals, I also didn’t exactly have a lot of friends, so I had a difficult time interacting with others. That’s when my colouring book came into play.

I would take out my colouring book from my bag, along with my pencil case bursting with the colors of rainbow, and begin colouring. When I started to colour, I could immediately feel more relaxed, and even more focused that I already was. I was able to put all of my attention onto just the strokes of my pencil, and the vibrant image gradually appearing before me. The best thing was I didn’t need any attention from anyone else but from myself. It was meditative and calming, For some reason, and by some magic, filling colors inside the black printed outlines before my eyes reduced the stress that I was going through, while passing all the free time that I had.

Some colouring books that I recommend on amazon are:

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