The Importance of Empathy

Jen Suarez (graphics & text)

Empathy is a word that holds so much weight. It is being understanding, even if we don't know exactly what the other person is going through.It's saying “I may not understand fully, but I'm here for it”.

Empathy is a beautiful thing, it deepens connection and allows us to be in a community together. Empathy is showing up for others. It is allowing them to feel comfortable, wherever they are at. The messy, the unknown, and whatever they're going through - empathy is being understanding on the other end.

What makes empathy so important, is that we all need it. We simply want to be seen and heard and to know that we are not alone. Empathy is kindly being present — letting others know they don't have to go through situations by themselves.

Empathy is the magic that brings us together, creating a bond that few other things can.

Haru Sukegawa

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