New Year, New Me.

Kylie Langley (graphics & text)

Cheers to another trip around the sun with the universe and all its curiosities.

Cheers to a brand new 365 days

8,760 hours

525, 600 minutes

Bringing you brand new opportunities.

And guess what! i’m going to be okay and so are you.

The thought of a new year is quite overwhelming to say the least. but it is also so incredibly exciting. when presented with such a large opportunity for improvement, focus on taking care of yourself and doing what makes you truly happy.

You have a brand new start in front of you and whatever it is that you want to change this year, put all your energy into it. and of course, never forget that growth doesn’t happen overnight. rushing is hasty. What I’ve learned that’s helped me is simply repeating to myself, “I trust myself. I see what I need. And it will come to me.”  Instill trust in yourself that you can accomplish whatever you need to accomplish in this year to come.

Try to avoid inundating yourself with large goals (but never fear to dream big!). Sometimes setting little goals that can be easily accomplished is all you need. For example:

  • Wake up a little earlier


  • Go to sleep a little earlier
  • Clean. That. Room.
  • Take a moment to breathe
  • Treat yourself! (you deserve it)

Goals like these can turn into good habits. and good habits turn into growth. Growth is key.

I wish you the best and i have all the hope possible in you.

Haru Sukegawa

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