My Long Distance Best Friend

Emily Machan (graphics & text)

Growing up in an international school, I always had friends come and go. However, with the invention of technology, it was never a goodbye forever. I was able to keep in contact with my best friend since she left in 7th grade up until now, where we are now both in our second year of university. From growing up together to growing up apart, our friendship went through multiple phases from calling each other sisters to not even knowing if we were acquaintances.

When a friend moves away, they are creating a new life, with new friends and new experiences, and it is hard to accept that you will not be part of that. The old memories that the two of you have together will eventually just become old. The friendship moves to a whole new dynamic that causes the relationship to be reborn. When my friend and I had our fallout, we needed to find a way to restart our relationship because we were trying to hold on to the past, when all we needed to do was accept the present.

This photoset depicts the physical loneliness with the presence of warmth through the screen. The text in the pictures are direct quotes we have said to each other through voice messages as we both discovered beauty of our long distance friendship.

Haru Sukegawa

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