Looking Back

Prachi Sukhnani (graphics & text)

Looking back, I’ve made it quite far.

From one continent to another, from a metropolis to a souq, from a thick coat to a thin hoodie, from 6 degrees to 25, from illness to recovery, from fear to determination.

I’m still far from home.


Looking back at the views I capture, whether in the 6 or the tourism capital of the world, I see both stark differences and similarities. I see different lights, people, and cultures. I see the same muteness, serenity, and life. Something happens on that flight – you board in one place, spend some time in what feels like a different plane of existence, and you land. There’s something quaintly encouraging about it, something that tells you things can be different, things can change, things can stay the same.

Haru Sukegawa

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