Alice Du (text)

Emily Bourne (graphics)

You said to me,

that is what makes us different,

why we’ d never work out

why you left me to count

the endless minutes

and wonder to myself,

What was so wrong about me?

I tried so hard to be like you

losing every penny I was worth.

I guess… perhaps it was because

I used chopsticks you a fork.

I ate rice and you pasta.

And your blue eyes,

stared into my brown ones.

I finally came to the realization

through your hostile

‘don’t ever come in ’

that you and I,

we were never meant to be.

Culture was a word of burden,

hurting my heart so deeply.

But that’s changed now,

for now those walls are breaking through

and finally, i see

my brown eyes are just as beautiful as your blue.

Perhaps culture is what makes us


But thats what makes us

beautifully significant.

Haru Sukegawa

a thing about Lisa