Calming Playlist

Sofia De Ceglie (text)

Eva Chang (graphics)

Breathing in and out.

Following the regular rhythm of the breath, an action so natural yet so overlooked in the stressful, chaotic days of everyday modern life… the basis of our whole existence. Seeking calm in the midst of the roughness.

I connect calm to a lot of different things.

There is a calm of late night cab rides, running through the lights of the city, makeup melting off and sore feet, a hazy head and half falling asleep on my flatmate’s shoulder while we’re on our way back home.

There is a calm of boiling summer afternoons, the golden light coming through the window, dancing around slowly with my eyes closed to a vintage track on my record player.

There is a calm of mornings in bed, few clothes on and warm bed sheets, running fingers softly through freckles and birthmarks and synchronised heartbeats.

There are infinite different types of calm, of ways we can tune in with our breath whether we realise or not, moments in which we are at peace with our bodies, our souls and the whole universe.

These tunes represent, for me, slowing down the crazy paced life I find myself having. Taking time to do nothing at all other than being still, at peace, tuned in with myself and my surroundings.

Feeling my body fill up with love as I let go of muscular tension and embrace heavy, emotional breathing, letting my thoughts roam freely in dreams and pictures of a perfect present and future.

This playlist is a form of meditation; something that does not require too much concentration but rather helps to let go of all the tension and stress, the simplicity of a heartbeat, a breath, the soothe of calm.

Link of the playlist:

  • Tilikum – Benjamin Francis Leftwich
  • Don’t Go Slow – Benjamin Francis Leftwich
  • Cherry Wine (Live) – Hozier
  • To Build a Home – The Cinematic Orchestra
  • Please Be Naked – The 1975
  • Belly Button Window – Jimi Hendrix
  • The Night We Met – Lord Huron
  • Apocalypse – Cigarettes After Sex
  • Love Like This (Acoustic) – Kodaline
  • Wild Love (Acoustic) – James Bay
  • Still – The Japanese House
  • Saturn – Sleeping at Last
  • Sunscreen – Ira Wolf
  • Who Says – John Mayer
  • Going to California – Led Zeppelin
  • Pale Blue Eyes – The Velvet Underground
  • Sunbleached Girl – Shag Rock

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