Balance of the Stars

Sofia De Ceglie (text)

Emily Bourne (graphics)

“Do you really believe in that stuff?”

“Can you please read my future?”

“I don’t really think I act like a Capricorn, it’s all fake”

Self-discovery comes in a multitude of different paths, but me finding my way through astrology has certainly been one of the most contested ones. Victim of the recent tide of spirituality being a part of pop culture, the changes brought by modern Western astrology into thousand-year old concepts, I got swerved and very willingly jumped on the bandwagon. And, quite frankly, I live for it now.

Astrology has brought to my life a lot more than an icebreaker and a conversation starter, or a way to impress people. There is a very fine line between using astrology for fun and self-development, and it takes studying and passion, but this mindset has helped me since I adopted it and has made my life a lot easier. 

There is a very peculiar feeling that comes with feeling like your life is influenced by bodies of mass so far away from us we can barely imagine them. In a way, mostly for people which fall on opposites in the spectrum (skeptical or hard-core astrologers), it alleviates the individual from responsibilities and does not take free will into account. This can become toxic only if and when people start believing that their actions do not matter because they have no say in how their life is going to turn out. To use an astrological term, one is evolved (using their potential for the best and taking out its good characteristics) the relationship to the planets, houses and aspects is not one of dependence. 

The way I like to imagine this is like holding someone’s hand: whilst we depend on their movement, we still have our own say in the actions we commit. This simple gesture gives us a sense of security and community; in connecting to the cosmos and learning about planets we do not feel so alone in the world, and yet this knowledge guides us. 

At the same time, it is important to realise that we are still in control of our own lives. Whilst the planets and houses give us a sense of direction and lower our feelings of loneliness, or sometimes even existential dread and questions, they cannot be held accountable for every single one of our decisions. 

Whilst you are holding hands with someone, you follow the direction they are walking in but we walk for ourselves, by ourselves.

The universe can’t afford to carry each and every one of us on its shoulders. The effort needs to come from us: therefore creating a balance between our own actions and what is determined by fate. 

A way in which astrology has worked towards my mental health and benefitted my philosophy of life is that it brings elements into my life, and I can use it as a tool to filter them. Like a pair of very powerful and strangely colourful glasses, when the Universe brings people or situations into my life, the balance of believing in fate and, at the same time, knowing I have to work towards things has helped me to analyse things more rationally and take a more holistic approach. 

The astrologer’s work of interpreting personality traits or feelings which the person might not be aware of is a really profound talent and field of study, and it becomes an introspective process for the person whose chart is being read. Someone else speaking about you, from a second perspective and completely impartial since they don’t know you, is therapeutic, interesting and calming at the same time. Whether it is a personalised reading or astrological updates on social media or apps, they reveal sides of your personality at specific times.

When reading my horoscope or about specific transits that will affect me in the near or far future, the main thing I always have in mind is: how can I use this newly acquired knowledge to develop for the better? 

Another aspect of astrology that I appreciate is that it considers transitory periods in one’s life. Just like the cycles of the moon and the revolutions of planets in our Solar System, everything begins, has its course, and ends to then begin once again. Astrology is continuous and always gives you a second chance, a second best moment to start something or realise a pattern. There is an inherent balance between periods of growth and periods of introspection, and they are carefully alternated for us to follow. It doesn’t have to be as closely as day-by-day; we don’t even have to think of moon cycles to follow a pattern, but it is the acknowledgement that everything in life is cyclical. 

The point of astrology is not whether it’s real or fake; that was never the point. The real goal is to find a perfect equilibrium between knowing that life is influenced by outside forces and bodies, and at the same time knowing that we each have the ability to push positive changes through. 

Go have a read at your horoscope and be inspired. 

Happy Libra season and full Moon in Aries!

Haru Sukegawa

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