Art in Quarantine: Vol. I

Nicole Seah

All Mixed Up

Spring Pool Party, Reimagined

Self portrait

Self Portrait (2) in quarantine

Life, examined

Doing art in quarantine is a calming escape from a lot of current events happening, but at the same time it can be a little daunting. In my mind, I think: since I have so much time, I should be producing a billion more art pieces, but I realize this is just another form of productivity shaming myself. It’s been good to draw, but also good to rest. I hope all of you are doing the same. 

My creative process is just noticing the everyday things around me and wondering if that could capture a deeper meaning as a subject. One of my paintings, Summer Pool Party Reimagined, was inspired by my brother eating an Eggo waffle in the morning. Some of my other pieces are inspired by songs I heard on the radio, or the state of life in general. I love using bright watercolors because they are so vibrant and remind me to be happier. 

  1. All Mixed Up: is about how the state of the world is confusing and gives us all mixed feelings. 
  2. Spring Pool Party, Reimagined: wishing I could be in a pool, but at least I still have waffles!
  3. Self portrait: This was an experimental piece focused on swirls and colors. 
  4. Self Portrait (2) in quarantine: a real representation of me finding it difficult to concentrate on classes.
  5. Life, examined: We’re all watching carefully to see how things will change in different places in the world - it reminded me of my trip to London before the lockdown. 

Haru Sukegawa

a thing about Lisa