A Journey of Spiritual Awakening

Somiah Nettles (graphics & text)

What is a spiritual awakening? A spiritual awakening is when one’s perception changes. One realizes a lot of what they’ve been taught is a lie. You surpass to a higher consciousness and become eager to understand your purpose in life and who you are. A spiritual awakening doesn’t happen according to a certain religion or belief, that doesn’t matter. Its something thats limitless.

You can’t control when it’s going to happen, or not. A spiritual awakening can take somewhere between weeks, months, even years to accomplish or reach the end.

During one's journey, one can feel isolated and lonely because they begin to live in this altered state causing one to feel like they’re losing connection with the reality they’ve seemingly known forever. If you are going through this, I want you to know, you’re not alone mentally. There are people your age who feel what you feel.

One thing that may help you come to terms with your journey, is getting out of your room or usual space(s). You don’t have to be with people, but seeing the world, visiting new places can give you hope and help to clear your mind. If your not able to get out to new places, going outside in your backyard or front lawn can also provide a similar feeling. It’s important to have an open mind & heart during your transition. Closely examining your beliefs can make you feel more comfortable as well as understanding what you believe and why you believe can give you the feeling of insurance, helping you navigate your world a lot better.

Decluttering your space(s) is important as well because then you feel in control of what your putting around you and how your space(s) or room is being arranged. I also recommend surrounding yourself with people or entertainment that is going through a similar circumstance or that has gone through a similar circumstance. Watching YouTube videos and instagram is a great source to learn more and to connect with others your age.

Meditation and spiritual baths help to cleanse your aura and release negative energy and toxins that are lingering around. Crystals and Sage are a great aid for that as well. Self care doesn’t always have to be how you look on the outside! Really just trying to relax and feel protected is key. Once you identify your beliefs, prayers and rituals can help you feel more protected and ease that somebody's always watching me feeling. There’s many you can find on secure websites and blogs. For example, there are Moon rituals, Christian rituals, Manifestation rituals and more!

A huge part of this journey is to evaluate and understanding your feelings, this can promote growth and help you identify your needs, weaknesses, and strengths. Allow yourself to feel every emotion. Take it all in. I hope my views and perspective helps someone. Remember to protect your energy at all times. I’m sending you all my love, peace, courange, and prayers for your beautiful journey. Thank you :)

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