mental health is a topic that is too often glossed over or swept under the rug.

mindly; is a safe and creative space for individuals to share thoughts, feelings, and attitudes on such topics.

creative editorial work such as informal or formal writing, artwork, photography, videos, and so much more are showcased etc etc etc, from a variety of voices.

Meet the team:


sophie chen

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Sophie has always been driven to vocalize her thoughts on things she cares about. As she spent most of her life living in China, she is passionate about Asian representation in media and alleviating the stigma surrounding mental health. Nowadays, she spends most of her time cafe-hopping, reading the news, and listening to artists like Rex Orange County and IU.

She has seen the lack of conversation surrounding mental wellbeing in Asia, and knows the struggles of seeking help when little is offered from personal experience. She hopes to see the global community gradually destigmatize discussions of mental health, and encourage those in need to seek professional help.


lisa chen

Creative Director & Social Media Manager

Lisa is an eighteen year old interested in design, art, and science (esp. biology, psychology and neuroscience!) things. She eats chocolate religiously, is a firm believer in gender equity, and will pet every dog.

Growing up in New Zealand, Australia, and China, Lisa has witnessed and experienced a plethora of attitudes towards mental health and well-being. She is no stranger to depression and anxiety, and has (for the most part, silently) struggled with ADHD her whole life. She recognises the need to prioritise mental well-being in today’s increasingly connected and oftentimes overwhelming society, hoping to normalise conversations about mental health. We always hear about fitness and physical health, why can’t we talk about mental health just the same?


michelle yoon

Managing Editor

Colorado born, South Korea raised, Michelle is currently the co-managing editor for the magazine in the University of Pennsylvania. She wants to double major in biology and English and hopes to pursue medicine after college. Because the mind changes the way we perceive and interact with the world, she believes that maintaining perspective and having a healthy approach to life is essential and is a huge advocate for balanced living and mental health.

She hopes to support others and continue her own opportunities to share the big and small beauties of life and the struggles, for creative expression through writing and art is a graceful way to connect to the community while also being a cathartic experience.


angela ji

Managing Editor

Angela is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania with a love zof words and activism. She is passionate about the intersectionality of our identities and the ways that this plays out regarding mental health in our communities and schools; she hopes that through storytelling, we can start breaking down the mental health stigma and empowering all students.

Angela can be found reading & writing poetry and fiction, advocating for Asian American issues, napping, and eating. She hopes you’re having a lovely day!


alice du


Alice has been trying to help those struggling with mental health for a long time. She has witnessed friends that struggle with depression, stress, and anxiety dealing with them by simply avoiding the topic of mental health altogether in fears of others looking at them differently, which she believes there should be better ways to deal with. Mental health shouldn’t be something embarrassing to talk about, nor should reaching out for help be.

She has begun to fall in love with the non-discriminating atmosphere and empowering strength of this magical website, giving herself boosts of positive energy every day and hopes it will do the same for everyone else (:


carly siegel

Head of External Affairs

Struggling with anxiety from a young age and experiencing first-hand the stigma around mental illness, Carly has always been a strong advocate for mental health awareness. Spending most of her life in South Florida, she is now currently a student in Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania, hoping to pursue a career in the fashion industry. You can usually find her looking up the newest style trends, catching up on TV shows, or listening to her favorite group Little Mix.

As she continues to overcome her own anxiety, she hopes to help destigmatize the conversation of mental health. By working with Mindly, she wants to use her voice to help connect the community and educate others on the struggles of mental illness.


florence lee

Head of Marketing

Florence has always been an advocate of what she believes in and a great supporter and listener to her friends. As she spent a majority of her teenage years in a boarding school away from her parents in the UK, she especially cherishes the relationship she has with her loved ones and friends. She has witnessed the disparity of attention and education of mental health in her home in Shanghai in comparison to the UK. She spends most of her time hanging out with friends, exploring the city and finding new restaurants and recharging with her favorite books such as When Breath Becomes Air.

She has seen many of her closest friends with mental illness suffering and struggling without help and hopes to advocate and de-stigmatize mental health and make people realize that it is as important as physical illnesses.


samuel soeller

tech guy (front-end/full-stack)

Samuel lived for a short part of his live in China but moved back to Germany after some time. At some point he wanted to study psychology for the simple reason as to understand why people behave so damn strange.

Software engineering however pays far better. This led to him studying it, which is now the reason why he is back in Germany, Berlin to be specific. And well does this kind of stuff for his study.

He himself struggled with some of the things the people on here are talking about.


simon ouyang

Full Stack